Thursday, October 20, 2011

Chilling, Thrilling Sounds of the Haunted House (1979 version)

Note: I'm avoiding mention of the "D" word because "D" has been known to get upset about sharing even their most inane and well out of print products.

For some reason, the 1979 version of this record, which is completely different visually and sound-wise from the much more popular orange/white 1964 version, is much harder to find a download of, even one for purchase. So here it is. I was reluctant to upload it because my copy has a big chip in it on the side, though it doesnt' seem to cut off anything too significant. Still, if anyone has a higher quality upload of this I'd appreciate a link.

EDIT: Thanks to darylbrownell for providing a link to a cassette version of this record:

[tape version]

EDIT 2: Above link is down. Thank the feds for that one.

Friday, September 23, 2011

PC Treasures, Inc. - House of Horror (2011)

Another one of the newer PCT compilations; same artists who did Cries From The Crypt. I als ogot Midnight Mausoleum, but it isn't recognized by my disc drive for soem reason so unfortunately it won't be put up here :(

Forum Novelties - Haunted Horror Sounds

Oh boy, this one is a treat. Probably one of the cheapest looking/sounding halloween ambient albums ever, but charmingly so. Plus I really like the typography on this one, that and the hand-drawn image is awesome. There was apparently a version where the witch silhouette in the upper left was replaced with a pentagram... perhaps removed to not offend [ignorant] christians? Originally came in a blister pack.

Drew's Famous - Halloween Spooky Sound Effects Twisted Edition

More stuff from Drew's.

PC Treasures, Inc. - Cries From The Crypt (2011)

One of the newer ambient albums, and this time the artists are credited! For soem reason, this seems to be rather rare amongst these types of albums, PCT or otherwise. Classical music, eerie atmospheres, stock sound effects.

Drew's Famous - 57 Haunted House Horrors (2010)

Another "57 ___" compilation.

Drew's Famous - 57 Haunts of Halloween (2010)

One of two "57 ___" compilations I own from Drew's/TUTM, and probably not the last.